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May 5, 2021 | by: Eric Payne

Clarkson sells former marital home

Kelly Clarkson has been trying to sell her massive mansion in Tennessee for a very long time. The huge property has been on the market for four very long years and has finally just seen some movement. Originally purchased in 2012 for $2.86 million, Clarkson listed her home in 2017 for $8.75 million but has been waiting for the right buyer to come along. After a period of time, she began bringing down the price in stages, each time hoping that someone would be enticed by the price drop. Finally, the long-awaited buyer clinched the deal and has picked up this gorgeous home! According to Just Jared, Clarkson let it go for $6.95 million and is still making a huge profit on the sale of the home despite the elongated sale process.

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