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Anti-police riots

September 22, 2016

Anti-police riots

There was more rioting in different American cities yesterday after another police shooting of an unarmed black man.

The father of a man who was fatally shot in Tulsa says his son put his hands up just as he had been told to do. Reverend Joey Crutcher says his son Terence knew to put his hands up when approached by police.

Meanwhile, in Charlottete North Carolina, police now say a man initially reported dead after being shot during protests last night is alive and on life-support. They also say he was not shot by a police bullet.

It was the second night of protests there after a black man was shot Tuesday. Police insist he was armed with a gun. His family says the 43 year old man was holding a book as he waited for his son at a school bus stop. They want the officers involved charged.