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May 2, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

What’s Causing The Cost Of Celery to Skyrocket


A fad diet promoting the healing properties of celery and bad weather in important celery growing regions have caused a spike in prices for the vegetable. Celery is more expensive right now than it is usually is. Fresh vegetables, including celery, have been seeing big price increases lately. What did a typical bunch of celery cost? What, around $1.99, but lately its been selling in some grocery stores for up to $5.99 for a single bunch! In Newfoundland a picture on twitter showed the price for celery at 9.99 bunch!

It isn’t just weather causing the celery price hike, but a number of social media personalities promoting the health benefits of celery juice is also causing the celery price hike. One of those so called famous social media types promotes drinking celery juice daily for clear skin, it reduces bloating and aids in weight loss, as well as heal different illnesses.