September 11, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Watch For Werewolves This Friday The 13th; A Rare Harvest Full Moon

A rare full moon will be visible this Friday night, the first time one has occurred on Friday the 13th in nearly 20 years and it wont happen again for another 30 years on Aug. 13, 2049.

Peak viewing will be at 12:33 a.m. on Saturday morning, but the moon will appear almost entirely full from when the sun goes down Friday evening. It’s also this year’s “harvest moon”, adding another spooky layer to the already ominous date. To add yet another unique layer to this year’s harvest moon, it will also appear very small in the sky. So it’ll also be known as a ‘micromoon’


The full moon has been associated with “strange or insane behavior, including suicide, sleepwalking and violence.” And while that may be dismissed as superstitious lunacy, there is science that backs it up. So if you want to see something special Friday night, take a look outside at the moon and around your neighbourhood. Just maybe keep one eye over your shoulder while you’re at it. Oh, and be careful of werewolves… They come out during harvest full moons too.