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November 19, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Using Toothpaste to Brighten Your Cars Headlights

I noticed while driving the other night, I could barely see the road because my cars headlights are “foggy”.  I looked up different ways to fix foggy headlamps. The best recommendation was to use boat or RV high gloss polish. I don’t have high gloss polish, so a friend suggested that peanut butter would work.. I have a lot of stray dogs near me in the south end . I guess their tongue could polish it, but I also didn’t have any peanut butter. Apparently toothpaste works! Either I’ll have clearer working headlights or our car will have fresh breath and a whiter smile! But, yes indeed! Toothpaste did work! I noticed a huge difference while driving at night. Here’s a video on how to clear up your foggy headlights.. 4/5 car mechanics recommend brushing your car before bed.