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July 28, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

The Wrong Way To Eat Corn

My brother in laws girlfriend did something that I’ve never seen before.. It was the way she ate her corn on the cob… Maybe it’s a Minto thing.

She ate her corn on the cob in circles, and not back and forth..

I don’t think there’s a wrong way of eating corn.… Or is there?

Which way is the right way to eat corn? Is there even a right way?

Over the weekend, we got together with my in laws .. .. We got some corn on the cob… Cooked ’em up in a good ol’ fashion corn boil and sat down with the butter, and what I noticed was that my brother inlaws girlfriend eats her corn in circles.. Not the typewriter technique used by pretty well all of us….

With corn hanging off my beard, I had this confused look on my face when she asked:

“Am I eating this wrong?”

It’s not that it was wrong, I just never witnessed anybody eating corn in a circle..

I did find an article about the way you eat corn reveals a lot about you..

If you eat your cob straight across like a typewriter chances are you’re pretty stable.  You fold your clothes when you put them away, own a Golden Retriever and can generally be counted on to pick your spouse up from the airport without challenging anyone in the parking lot to a cage match. Anyone around who’s watching you can relax and enjoy their day.

If you eat your corn around the cob in circles it’s a clear indication you could go rogue at any minute.  You’re a a wild child. You’re basically immoral and everyone watching you knows it.  YOU have Unpaid parking tickets.  And you probably drank kom-boo-cha when everyone still thought it was a poisonous alien life form.