The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

September 7, 2017 | by: kellyoneill

Here it is!  The list of qualifiers for tomorrow night’s elimination draw in the Fly Away with CAA and YSJ contest!  Someone is going to win a $5,000 travel voucher from CAA!  If your name is on this list, meet us in the arrivals section of the Saint John Airport (you can’t miss us, there’s a beautiful Kia Sorento parked there with our logos and Andrea’s face on it!).  We’ll start handing out ballots at 6:30pm.  You MUST have your ballot in the box BEFORE 7:00.  We will start drawing names at that time, and if your ballot isn’t in before we draw the first name, we will be unable to put you in the draw as it would be unfair to other entrants.  We CAN’T WAIT to see all of you tomorrow night!

Alicia Bradley

Allyson Wright

Amy Hamilton

April LaBrie

Barbara Creamer

Beth Ingalls

Carleton Allstars

Carol Henderson

Carrie Theitke

Cathy Kerfont

Cecile MacLeod

Christina Barrington

Connie Culligan

Danielle Hughes

Darren White

David Down

Debbie Estey

Desiree Campbell

Diane Arsenault

Donna Speight

Emily O’Regan

Emma Wells

Gwen Bertolini

Helena Bishop

Hillary Brown

Hollie Morse

Holly Chapman

Jacqueline Maybee

Jacquie Blanchard

Jamie Cyr

Jamie Gray

Jason Russell

Jay Reid

Jeffrey McNally

Jennifer Blount

Jennifer Chase

Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Pierce

Jennifer Wood

Jessica Beaulieu

Jessica Finlay

Jill Hamer

Joanne Aburrow

Joanne Vautour Cook

Judy Farquarson

Judy Martin

Katelyn Thorne

Katherine Hill

Kathy MacDonald

Katie Gowlett

Katie LeClair

Katie Mitchell

Keena Hudson

Kristen Springthorpe

Kristen Wheaton

Kyle Geldart

Laura McCarron

Laurie Colwell

Lee McKenna

Lillian Joyce

Linda Walsh

Lindsay Dickens

Lisa Burnett

Marlene Allaby

Martha Millard

Mary Beth Kierstead-Keegan

Mary Dobson

Megan Hume

Megan McIlwraith

Melana Iverson

Melissa Roy

Michelle Meier

Naomi Leslie

Norah Denis

Paula Didham

Penny Murphy

Ross Horgan

Ruth McLeod

Sandra Porter

Sarah Wilson

Sharman Lewis

Shawna McGraw

Tammy Chiasson-Charlton

Tammy Dorrington

Theresa Furlong

Tracy Foote

Trish Basque

Ursina Meir

Valerie Galbraith

Wanda Craig

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