October 20, 2017 | by: kellyoneill

Seeking knight in shining armour

Have you seen Rusty?  He’s about 4 feet tall and dressed in a full suit of armour.  You may have seen him hanging around 1 Princess St. at the Canada Strong and Free location.  He’s been a member of Patricia Gallagher and Denise Dow’s family and business for 30 years, and he’s been stolen.

Gallagher says someone brazenly stole Rusty in broad daylight this week and ran off stashing Rusty into a waiting vehicle.  The thief was given a window to return Rusty with no questions asked, but police are now investigating and Rusty’s rightful owners are considering a reward for his return.

Social media posts asking for information have been shared hundreds of times, and #BringRustyBack has been trending in local circles since the theft.

If you have any information about Rusty’s disappearance, you can contact city police.