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October 15, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Scary Things To Do In Saint John

Since just about everything is put on hold, including haunted houses, I’ve come up with other scary things you can do in Saint John!

#1 Drive thru Simms Corner…… with my dad behind the wheel!

#2 Surf into one of the local Facebook newschaser sites and tell them you support a toll on the Mackay Highway, then watch people lose their minds.

Want to know whats really scary?

#3 Stand on any corner and find somebody NOT using their phone while driving…

Rebecca sent me a terrifying message: “Play a game of chance by walking under pigeons that sit at the King’s Square Bandstand!”


The dead will be unleased Saturday October 24 in Uptown! On that day, you’ll see zombie walking Uptown. No, it’s not people who haven’t had coffee, its the annual zombie walk!

The undead will be pooling at the Hilton at 4pm and then slowly, very slowly, make their way up King Street to return home at the Loyalist Burial Ground. But even zombies have to follow public health guidelines and besides zombies have the worst breath so if you’re going to be in the zombie parade, you’re asked to wear a mask, but the most important thing is that It’s a fiend-raiser for Romero House! Zombie food, or food that never dies which is non-perishable will be accepted as well as cash, which will then be turned over to Romero House.

More brraiiiinnnss …. er … details here..



Any more scary things to do? let me know! or drop me a note on Facebook!