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June 10, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Ranch Flavoured Watermelon

My wife and I received a somewhat industrial grade dehydrator a few Christmas’ ago..

We sacrificed a watermelon and cucumbers to the dehydrator last night.. We’re huge into dehydrating food. Whether it’s making dry meals for hiking, or snacks for snacking, dehydrators are great, and there are some that are inexpensive.

I’ve been trying to find something to snack on that has crunch like a chip and the flavour of popcorn seasoning… and guess what! We’ve discovered how to make cucumber chips!

Slice a cucumber thin.

Place slices in dehydrator.

Season with your favourite topping.

Dehydrate, eat! We seasoned the cucumber chips with a ranch seasoning!

Just as an FYI, it takes at least a day to dehydrate and your home will smell like whatever seasoning is in the dehydrator. In our case, it was like being in a ranch dressing factory….

Not only did we slice up cucumbers but we also sliced up a watermelon.

We’re hoping that once the watermelon is dehydrated, it’ll be a sweet, crunchy, amazing snack!

But now I have this fear… Thing is, we dehydrated the watermelon and cucumber ranch chips at the same time in the same machine…. And our apartment smells like ranch dressing..

My fear is that the watermelon will somehow have infused the ranch flavouring, and Im not so sure that I’ll be a fan of ranch flavoured watermelon.. I’ll let you know how it goes….