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July 3, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Mosquitoes Are Misunderstood

Don’t you think that mosquitoes are just misunderstood?

Maybe they’re not trying to bite us, maybe they’re just trying to thank us. Maybe they’re not trying to draw blood, Maybe… it’s actually a mosquito kiss?

Here’s my reasoning…. Mosquitoes are just like you and me, we’re all just trying to survive, but when you’re a mosquito, everybody and everything is trying to kill you! From windshields on cars, to blue light zappers in the back yard..

I believe that when there’s a mosquito is buzzing around you, they’re just trying to get your attention!

For example…

When you go fishing, fish love mosquitoes and when you catch a fish, the mosquitoes that are flying around you are actually saying “Hey! Big sack of skin! Hey I’m right here! I want to thank you for saving me from that fish that almost ate me!”

It’s also quite possible that mosquitoes are just happy to see you! Think about when you get home from work or being away for 30 seconds, and your dog goes ballistic as soon as you open the door, well I think mosquitoes are very similar, especially when you’re driving. As soon as a mosquito sees your car, they’re just coming over to say hi, except you’re doing 120 on the highway, and they end up all over your windshield, mosquitoes haven’t quite learned physics yet, thanks god…

So the next time a mosquito lands on you, just remember, it’s not trying to bite and draw blood and possibly give you malaria, it’s only trying to say

Hey thanks human, I really appreciate you stomping on that spider that was going to eat me. Here’s a kiss…”