Meet Cleopatra!

June 26, 2017 | by: andreacyr

Me: “We are NOT getting another cat.”
Also me: “That poor cat is all alone and scared. She should come and sit on my desk while I finish my remote”
Still me: “No, I am NOT adopting this cat!”
Me with absolutely no street cred left: “Meet Cleo, she moves in next Tuesday.”


Sooooo…on Saturday, I was doing a live remote from Global Pet Foods on McAllister Drive where they were hosting a kitten adopt-athon with the great folks from Rescue Meow Saint John.  Before leaving for work Saturday morning, I assured everyone who would listen that I was definitely NOT adopting a cat.  I LOVE cats, I’m a self-proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady”.  But, we have one cat now, and not only did I think that was enough for me (after losing both my cats last year, ages 18 and 19, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be a kitty mama again), but our “Princess” at home comes by her name honestly.  She is spoiled and a little cranky if she’s not the centre of attention.  The transition simply wouldn’t be worth it.  So I put on my impenetrable kitten armour, and off I went.

The moment I walked in the door, the first cat I noticed was in a cage all by herself, and she was clearly terrified.  I desperately wanted someone to give her a place to hide so she could relax out of the lime light.  After almost three hours of being broken hearted for her, I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I picked her up, wrapped her in my scarf, and let her sleep on my desk for the last hour of my broadcast.  I was STILL NOT adopting a cat!

Within two hours of arriving home, I had lost all my resolve and my “street cred”, and caved.  I already had her renamed (from Snuggles to Cleo) and was making arrangements for her arrival to join our little family.  We’re all pretty excited to welcome her…well, except maybe for Princess…the jury is still out for her.

If you have room in your heart and home for a new fur baby, please contact Global Pet Foods (they foster cats at both Saint John Locations) or Rescue Meow Saint John.

~ Andrea

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