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June 24, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Little Known Fact, Saint John Is Actually 416 Years Old Today

It was today, June 24 1604 that Samuel de Champlain landed at Saint John Harbour, more specifically Reversing Falls..

(He was looking for a site to set up a winter camp to trade.. and settled on Saint John… Typical Saint John attitude: “meh this is good enough”… Ok this part is only a little bit true…)..

Although for thousands of years the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet people called the river Wolastoq, Champlain proclaimed the river “St. John River” in honour of “the feast of St. John the Baptist”, which was the same day he landed here, June 24.

(Of course Champlain was disappointed when he landed near Reversing Falls, Bobs Corner Take Out was closed for the day and not only that, it is said that it took Samuel de Champlain 3 years to finally figure out Simms Corner… This part is not at all true.)

While Champlain landed here 416 years ago, Wikipedia states:

… the coastal region of the Bay of Fundy is believed to have been inhabited by the Passamaquoddy Nation several thousand years ago…… The Mi’kmaq also ventured into the territory and named the area ”Měnagwĕs”, which means “where they collect the dead seals”…..

And today we kinda celebrate Saint Johns unofficial day of landing, happy “this place will do because winters suck” day!


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