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November 8, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

I Know What The Worst Job In The City Is

Yesterday, Mayor Don Darling posted on social media a very emotionally charged editorial. He discusses his approach to bringing the city back to it’s once glorious state and the roadmap he’s drawn to get us there. Now, he knows not everyone will agree with what he presents, but he’s always open to discussion…

Unfortunately, being Mayor in this city, or any city, has its real downs. Here’s why the worst job in this city is being Mayor. Mayor Don highlighted the ugliness of having to sit in the big chair at council. He’s received constant threats, insults, bullying, his family has been verbally and physically attacked. He also mentions that he’s regularly accused of being corrupt. Of course, you have to have pretty thick skin to run for public office, but everyone has a breaking point, Don’s only human, just like you and me. He actually alluded to the fact that he’s thought about quitting and not being the Grand Poobah anymore. To be honest, I haven’t always agreed with his ideas, but I value his initiativeand poignant attitude.

I wouldn’t want to be Mayor.. Good Lord! People complain to you about everything! Not knowing how parking meters work, why the wait times at the hospital are so long, why we have to keep changing the time back and forward an hour. I’m not joking, they were actual complaints the Mayor has received and that is why being Mayor is the worst job in the city, it has to be. Nobody’s ever happy. Its’ never enough, you’re the first to get complaints about pineapple on pizza, you’re the first to get a phone call in the middle of the night from somebody expecting you to get out of bed and shovel their street during a blizzard, but Don, I think you’re doing a fine job, and I hope you continue to table your ideas, I believe it’s leaders like you that overcome difficult challenges in the worst of times, but I would like to talk to you about one thing, can we make Bumper Cars On Ice a thing on Lilly Lake this year?

Bumper Cars on Ice