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June 24, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

I Gave My Neighbour An Unintended Shower

So, here it is, another apology.. lately it’s because I usually go the wrong way of the arrows at the grocery store, this morning I have to apologize to my neighbour.. My new neighbour actually. We’ve never met. I’ve met her boyfriend, but not my actual upstairs neighbour.. Here’s how I made a fool of myself and accidentally hosed down my neighbour.

I had to replace a small part on my car, and the only place I could do that was in front of my building on the street, which is a busy city street.

My read window squirter was broken. When the switch was flicked, the cleaning juice would squirt and basically hit the car behind me. It was basically peeing freely without any kind of guard. Well I got the part to fix that, an easy fix.

At the same time I was showing my wife in the parked car what was wrong and how the back window squirting sprayer would shoot a long stream onto the car behind, at the exact moment I started to squirt the back sprayer, my neighbour was just returning home from walking her dogs and she walked right behind my car as I was shooting the stream of windshield fluid..

Pretty sure you can guess who got an unintended shower in wiper liquid with her dogs. It was quite a way to introduce myself, by offering her a towel…