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July 12, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

I Cried Over Spilt Frozen Milk

The other day while I was walking home, it had to be a million degrees, the sun punching me in the face, I came across somebodys bucket of ice cream. You can tell somebodys sweaty hands accidently dropped it, what a terrible day for that to happen! Ice cream down! Ice cream down! Of course in such a trying time, I had to say goodbye with this Ice Cream Eulogy.



I remember when I first saw you spilled all over the sidewalk, It took my breath away! You were melting like a river on the concrete in the blazing sun…

My stomach was in knots and you stirred something inside of me that I didn’t know I had. A hankering for chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Yes I know your flavour leads some to believe that you taste like frozen toothpaste, but it’s your sweetness and chill attitude that I love. That day when I saw you, It was hot, it was unbearable, it wasn’t a day for any frozen treat to be out and it was heart wrenching to see you thrown onto the sidewalk like nobody cared. People stepped over you, making sure they didn’t step in you, I guess they didn’t want chocolate chunk morsels stuck to the bottom of their shoe..

When I spotted you on Leinster Street just a few short days ago on the ground, with your lid an arms reach away, and most of your creamy, minty goodness spilled all over the sidewalk, it pained me. But even ants need some ice cream love. I’m content when I see those little hardworking ninjas carry you away to an awaiting nest. Youre probably going to feed a queen.

Lactose intolerant people could do with less ice cream but sometimes I see them gulping you down. But alas, this will not happen any more, as somebody has dropped you like an ex who cheated and moved on to something less exciting, like a Popsicle… but chocolate chip mint ice cream, you’ll show up in my dreams and nudge me in a burp. Feel at home on that hot sidewalk, and find your way in the great freeze in the sky.