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June 18, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

I Almost Burned Down The New Station Cruiser

Having a giant wasp in your car is not fun.

Last year I witnessed a woman make a full stop in the middle of the intersection at the top of King St, she jumped out and screamed like she was on a roller coaster, all because there was a stinging insect in her car.

You know how it happens… An insect with some sort of stinger accidentally flys into your open window when you’re driving, you swerve all over the road in a panic, the cops should pull you over for dangerous driving all because you’re just trying to avoid certain death or at least major facial swelling from that unwelcome hitchhiking flying menace.

Yesterday on my way to mow a lawn in a t-rex costume (that story & video is posted below this blog post), a wasp the size of a baby carrot flew inside the NEW K100 Community Cruiser while I was driving.. Now at first, I thought the thing flew back out and went along it’s merry murderous ways. It wasn’t until I parked that it flew in front of my eyes and landed on the dash right in front of me.

We locked eyes.. My 2, its 3.. I felt out numbered just in body parts…

While I respect wasps, I don’t want them in the station cruiser or any vehicle that im driving…. As I watched the wasp, I never took my eyes off it, I think it could smell my fear and I didn’t want to get jabbed with it’s hot stinger if I looked away. Luckily it flew out the window after a few moments.. Which is good because I didn’t want to have to explain to my boss why I set the NEW company vehicle on fire.