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January 9, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

High 5s To The Saint John Fire Department

Yesterday while I was making crispy fries in the oven, I noticed I was having oven problems. I decided I needed to check the electric panel. I checked the panel thats in the kitchen that controls our apartment, seemed fine, then I went to check the main breaker panel in the foyer of our apartment building, thats when I noticed there was something wrong.

I called my landlord to let him know to call an electrician and as I was speaking to him I noticed smoke coming from the panel! Oh my God! It’s on fire! Of course as I said this to my landlord, he didn’t believe me until I hung up on him and called 911. I shut the breaker panel off and waited.

Within moments, 3 SJFD trucks came roaring down my street. They came in, checked things out. There was no more smoke. They got their thermal camera out to make sure there was no hot spot in the walls, things checked out just fine.

Thats when 2 police cars rolled up! Now the foyer has 7 people in it, the area can probably only hold 3 or 4, add all that gear and it was like jamming too much left overs in a small Tupperware container, or trying to fit into your high school jeans – over flowing. Eventually the cops left, and after making sure there was no fire, the fire department left.

I was relieved! No fire! I didn’t want to have to pack up both of our 3 legged cats, plus I was still hungry, I didn’t eat my fries yet!

After I did finally eat, I crawled into bed for an afternoon siesta. As I was laying there, I heard a two way radio, I thought that’s weird. I got up, looked out the front window and there were 2 more fire trucks out front. I ran down to the foyer area to find 5 different firemen!

Apparently when the guy who delivers the mail stopped in, he could smell the electrical wiring burnt smell (which by the way does not easily come out of clothes, I still smell like burnt wire), he called 911! There was no fire, only the residual smell.

And it’s a good thing the postal guy called the fire department, I would have never have known that my package was arrived, sitting beside my almost burned out electrical panel.

Big thanks to the Fire Department, the City Police and my mail guy. Although the next time they show up, my wife hopes they don’t wear their shirts.