July 4, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Happy 4th Of July America! Facts That You & A Lot Of Americans Don’t Know

1.  I’m kinda surprised to read that only 61% of Americans own an American flag . . . and most of them aren’t’ made in America.  Americans import $5.4 million worth of American flags from China every year.

2.  People around the US will eat about 150 million hot dogs today, I can’t understand why there’s an obsity problem there….

3.  The Fourth of July is the number one BEER-DRINKING holiday in the U.S.  they will spend aboot $1 BILLION on beer for today . . . plus another $568 million on wine.

4.  870 people go to the emergency room in fireworks accidents every year . . . and there’s an average of eight fireworks deaths. Listen, they voted Trump, how can we trust them with fireworks?