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October 3, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Gods Gift To Repairs

I read a lot, sometimes its about the weirdest things, last night I read up on Duct tape. I’ve never really thought that much about Gods gift to repairs until I read this article.

While a lot of people may know the proper way to fix things around the house, it seems there are at least half of us currently have duct tape holding something together..


Its true, the screen on our bedroom window is currently being held together by duct tape, dang cats. Theres even quite a few of you right now using it to patch up something on your car. When something breaks, duct tape is the first thing nearly all of us reach for when something breaks.

Duct tape is one of the most magical repair kits known to man. So, what are the most common things being held together by duct tape? Well, plumbing and pipes are the most popular, any type of hose is a close second, people also use duct tape to repair people, the use a strip of duct tape to cover cuts and wounds, in fact more people use it as first aid than on their Garden tools.

Duct tape will fix ANYTHING, even your love life, I sometimes feel I should place it over my mouth when I have something stupid to say. Just remember, If you cant fix it with duct tape, well, you didnt use enough duct tape.

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