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May 14, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Feeling Guilty For Spending Money

Everyone loves a good sale! But how deep of a discount do you need to get to be totally guilt-free about a purchase? The average is 23% off. Once something’s THAT on sale, we feel like we almost HAVE to buy it. But when it comes to retail therapy when we’re down or bored, and while shopping can certainly be fun, it seems most of us actually feel guilty spending money. More than half of us admit to feeling a bit of guilt when we spend money. This article I read also said we will make nearly $278,000 worth of guilty purchases in our lifetime. Here are the top things we feel bad about buying:

Electronics – 38%

Shoes – 35%

Take Out – 35%

Alcohol – 34%

Cosmetic/Beauty Items – 31%

Snacks – 30%

Vacation and Travel – 24%

Why do we feel guilty? For most, the guilt comes when they find the item they purchased for a better price, while many also feel guilty because they believe they could have used their money better.