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October 7, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Everyone’s 12 Foot Halloween Obsession

There appears to be a Halloween decoration thats a huge hit this year, and that decoration is a 12-foot-tall skeleton!

Before this, I never realized that one of my life’s desires was to see a huge skeleton strapped on top of someone’s car driving down the road, but it apparently is, and I saw at least 3 oversized bag of bones in the KV over the last couple of days…

According to Home Depot.ca, the Giant-Sized Skeleton has LCD realistic eyes that appear to move and blink.

Its easy to assemble, if you’re 13 feet tall.. And I hope you have high ceilings because the ginormous skeleton can be used indoor or outdoor.. Indoor? I guess if you needed a new aged Christmas tree..

Make no bones about it, this is one of the greatest Halloween decorations I’ve ever witnessed! Why buy a pumpkin when you can buy a giant 12 foot skeleton?

And look, if 2020 is anything, it certainly is the year where it makes sense for there to be a huge, creepy skeleton haunting our neighbourhoods.

Where the heck would you store a 12 foot tall skeleton after you take Halloween down? Can you imagine storing it in your attic? Then forgetting about it, and then selling your house? You’d give the new owners a heart attack!

FYI – Good luck finding one at the store or online. They’re completely sold out. You could try and buy one on ebay, they’re selling for up to $1600…

The 12 foot skeleton is definitely The Halloween Decoration Of The Year!