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August 14, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Do People Actually Like Radishes?

Have you ever just thought about a radish? Probably not, but the last few days I have. The word is even kinda fun to say, radish! See, I made my wife supper the other night, and the receipe called for sliced radishes. That got me thinking… It’s not like an onion where you have a bag of them stashed somewhere ready to pull out when you need it.. A radish is something that you just don’t normally have on hand.

So I had to ask, who actually likes radishes?

Rabbits love radishes, if you have a garden in the KV you know deer love them too, so do the Fraggles on Fraggle Rock!

If you’ve ever wanted to find out which of your friends has a deep down passion for the crunchy little red balls, just post it on social media.

Who knew the little red balls of zing were so popular! When I was young, I use to raid my grandmothers garden and eat them right of out of the ground, dirt and all, we also used to throw them at each other like rocks, we were kids.. We all know kids can be very weird but I can’t in my life actually say I’ve gone somewhere and ordered extra radishes… on anything!

Most people add them to salads, some roast them with potatoes, a friend of mine admitted to making radish sandwich, apparently just add Miracle whip, salt and pepper and bread and mmmm mmm chomp away. Somebody else mentioned their son loves to eat cut up radishes with a glass of milk. But we all know kids can be very weird.

The world’s heaviest radish was grown in Japan and weighed 69 pounds. It was the size of an exercise ball! What would you do with that?

The next time you need a little more peppery flavouring in your food, just add a little spicey ground apple! Just have mints handy, radishes make you burp and it smells bad.