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October 9, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Colourfully Waxing A Pumpkin

My wife came across another internet thing.

This one had nothing to do with food, well, in the eating sense.

This one involved melting crayons on a white pumpkin!

Who doesn’t like making a mess?!

Get a white pumpkin. We went pumpkin hunting last weekend.

You’ll also need Crayola Crayons (when we did this at home, my wife used all of the crayons, and she kept telling me all night to not worry that she’ll buy me my own crayons), clear tacky glue (we used a crafters glue gun), and a hair dryer.

The hard part is peeling the paper of the crayons, it took forever and I got crayon all in my fingernails.

After you remove the paper, glue them to the top of the white pumpkin.

Take your hair dryer and melt the crayons on top of the pumpkin and voila!

The crayons will melt leaving a really fun Halloween decoration!


Ours didn’t look like the internet, but it’s still fun!

WARNING: When using a hair dryer on crayons, make sure you cover the surface you’re working on because there’ll be splatter everywhere! On the floor, on your pant leg, on the cat..

WARNING II: Your home will smell like crayons.

This is the website we got the idea from.