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July 2, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

Climb Your Mountain

Last Friday, I asked somebody to come on the radio with me, they wouldn’t because of their anxieties. Being put in the limelight really gets them worked up, and they couldn’t understand how I turn on the mic every day and talk knowing there were thousands listening to my every word.

I used to have major issues with anxiety, but at some point I realized it’s just a stupid feeling. So I began to combat these feelings by climbing mountains, literal mountains.

Eventually, the hardest thing in the world, climbing up a rock face, comes to an end, and when you’re sitting at the top looking over valleys, lakes and rivers, a feeling of peace warms over you.

That’s how I feel towards my anxiety, at some point with me in control, those feeling will pass and I have conquered my faults – until the next mountain, which I will also climb to the top.

So if you ever get the feeling of angst and anxiety, know that just like climbing a mountain, it will end, and you will feel at peace. So, get out there and climb your mountain!