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February 12, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

New Fancy Pants Apartment Building For The City

What do you look for when renting/leasing/ buying a new home? A garage, heat pump, lots of closet space?

“Common Council has given the go-ahead for developer Percy Wilbur to build an upscale 83-unit apartment building on the sire of the former Gothic Arches.  The 7 storey building at Wentworth and Leinster Streets will feature amenities such as electric car charges, a bicycle repair area as well as car and dog washing stations.”

A dog washing station?

As a cat person I feel discriminated against, but Dan reminded me, cats don’t need a wash station, they self wash, no station needed. Put an “automatic cat litter box cleaning station” in the ad for the new apartment building and I’m all in!