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June 22, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

A Visit To Mosquitoville

We visited my mother in law over the weekend, she apparently lives in Mosquitoville, population me….

Can you imagine if mosquito’s actually had their own town? There’s be coffee shops called ‘Cafe Buzz’, dinner would be served at ‘Flesh Steakhouse’, bloody Marys would be the official Mosquitoville  drink…

I actually googled Mosquitoville, and apparently there’s a real place in Vermont called Mosquitoville  .. I’m willing to make a $100 bet that they have trouble with tourism…

What if mosquito’s tasted like lemons or mint gum? They’d be in real trouble then….. I probably wouldn’t mind if they got in my mouth.

And what about swatting them away? After awhile your arm gets sore from constantly shooing the blood sucking pest..

I say grow a pony tail… If it’s good enough to help horses with flies, surely you can swing your ponytail around to shoo them away, it’ll save your arms from getting tired!

Maybe we could come up with a mosquito hair attachment for pony tails… Clip on a fly swatter and you’re now armed and dangerous looking for mosquito problems…