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November 18, 2020 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

A Pain In The Glass

I was clumsy as an elephant yesterday or maybe the universe is out to get me.

I had to go over east, and as I was walking to my car, a leaf flew into my mouth, I almost choked..

I was almost killed by a lethal falling leaf. Not leaves. One leaf.

Then last night, I broke 2 glasses..

The first happened when I was washing dishes late last night. The Pyrex measuring cup I was just putting into the dish tray slipped out of my hands and smashed everywhere on the kitchen floor. It just exploded. Shards of glass wound up flying into every nook and cranny of the kitchen. It was like a nuclear explosion, there was so much glass and it got everywhere, I even think it ended up in my neighbours apartment..

Just as my wife and I were finished cleaning up that mess, I was just about to turn the vacuum off when I bumped a table and knocked another glass jar onto the floor, smashing that one, which also exploded everywhere.. We ended up cleaning glass off the floor for over an hour, I’m sure that just like Christmas tree needles, we’ll be finding glass shards well into 2022..