July 29, 2019 | by: The Morning Show with Colin!

34th Annual New River Beach Sand Sculpture Competition

Cedar won 1st in the Youth Category! “The Tomb Of The Forbiddin”


Grace won 2nd in the Youth Category! “Dolphin”


Locke family, 1st in the Family Category! “Fire Pit”


Ryan and his family, 2nd in the Family Category! “We the North”



Hayley and her family 3rd in the Family category! “Operation”


1st in the Group Category! “Whats Krackin”


2nd in the Group Category and Overall Winner! “Into The Spiderverse”



3rd in the Group Category! “Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop”



Bradley, winner of the Adult Category! “Bringing on The Pain”


Jason came in 2nd in the Adult Category! “Buzzin Friends”